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Mr. Wyman Xu

Serial Entrepreneur

  • Serial Entrepreneur - Manufacturing, e-commerce & global supply chain management

  • Visionary - Developing environmentally-friendly, reliable and cost-effective products

  • Angel Investor - Providing young entrepreneurs resources & mentorship to transform ideas into reality

  • Environmental Ambassador -Reducing our environmental impact on the world

  • Mentor – Creating incubators for future, socially conscious, like-minded entrepreneurs 


Born in Shanghai, Wyman Xu immigrated with his family to Manhattan, New York at age 13 with an unyielding desire to achieve the American Dream. Now a decades long successful entrepreneur, Mr. Xu is committed to giving back by building a platform providing young entrepreneurs the tools and guidance necessary to transform their ideas into reality. To that end, Wyman and his team are mentoring young visionaries by providing them with access to resources; manufacturers, supply chains, logistics, multichannel networks, IT software and start-up funds. From supporting them to becoming social media influencers, to creating and launching their own products, Wyman is using his network and years of experience to guide them in the right direction. Wyman’s ultimate goal --- to create an incubator for future entrepreneurs, who will transform the quality of life on the planet.


  • 1999 at the age of 19 - Started his own retail store, MIX Cosmetics (skincare & makeup)

  • 2000 Wyman expanded to selling fashion apparel

  • 2005 - Established his first hair salon, The Cutting Edge, in downtown Manhattan

  • 2006 - Opened The Cutting Edge’s second branch 

  • 2007 - Founded EZ Ink (printing consumer products)

  • 2010 - Launched environmental sustainability initiative, Cartridge Evolution (Brooklyn remanufacturing company)

  • 2013 - Wyman set up A2B Express Logistics

  • 2020 – Created incubator platform for socially responsible young entrepreneurs

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